Lenght 42 m.

Beam 8,4 m.

Draught 4 m.

GT 344 T.


Accommodation for:

11 surveyors and

4 crewmembers.


Sea area A1-A2-A3




Skoven Survey ApS

Stormgade 8.1

DK-6960 Hvide Sande



Preben Skoven Kristensen


mobil: +45 26 11 28 61


IP phone: +45 82 13 06 23

Telephone on board: +45 24 44 58 61

Sat telephone: +88 16 41 41 09 15

The ship is sailing under the class of

"Det Norske Veritas/Germanischer Lloyd"


And can operate in the following areas:



Baltic Sea


North Sea


Atlantic Ocean



You can find many photos on the following pages, because we think that pictures can say more than thousand words. You can get a good impression of the ship and the different kinds of work we do.

Accommodation: for 11 surveyors and 4 crewmembers.

Haute cuisine:

We can also serve vegetarian food.

We have experience with the following work:


We have a special radar for bird-observation.

Whale observation in the Atlantic Ocean.

The ship has no foremast, so there is an excellent view from the top of the wheelhouse.


Benthos research

Bottomresearch with Multibeam/Sitescan/Sparker/Sounder.

We have a construction on the bow so that the hull of the ship does not disturb the multibeam or the sitescan.

And another construction on the side of the ship

Depth sounding.

The sparker at the stern

Buoy handling.

Dive platform

Guard ship

Radar for bird-observation

On the aft deck, you see a blue container with on top of it the radar-antenna for the bird observation radar.